Right Wing Bonus Tracks: By God’s Grace

  • Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry defends his state’s recently enacted Ten Commandments law, saying the Supreme Court “got it wrong in the 1940s when it created this metaphor of church and state.”
  • Jack Hibbs says that by putting the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms, “teachers are not going to be raping kids any more.”
  • Tony Perkins reacts to churches that celebrate Pride Month: “Those aren’t churches. Those are social clubs.”
  • Joel Webbon hopes that “by God’s grace” the word “‘gay’ would be used an insult more and more and more.”
  • We don’t want to hear Stew Peters complain about people calling him a Nazi ever again.
  • Finally, the National Faith Advisory Board held a prayer call for former President Donald Trump ahead of tonight’s presidential debate during which Paula White prayed that he would have “the mind of Christ” and speak “with the wisdom of God” while Jentzen Franklin prayed that God would give Trump “the tongue of the learned” and expose the “wickedness” and “evil intent” that he claims are in President Joe Biden’s heart.
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