Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Burn In Hell

  • E.W. Jackson is doubling down on his assertion that parents who take their children to a Drag Queen Story Hour “need to have their children taken away from them,” insisting that such children would be better off in foster care.
  • Josh Bernstein says that the justices on the Supreme Court “will forever probably burn in Hell” for failing to overturn the results of the election and give President Donald Trump a second term in office.
  • Jeff Jansen declares that Trump is “a born-again, spirit-filled” Christian who is “a crazy rock star-type of deliverer.”
  • Operation Rescue proudly announces that Trump is “the recipient of the 2020 Person of the Year Malachi Award”: “The Malachi Award is given by Operation Rescue every year to recognize individuals who sacrificially work to advance the cause of protecting the pre-born.”
  • Having moved to Texas to host a program for Alex Jones’ Inforwars network, DeAnna Lorraine has been off the air for nearly a week and seems to have no idea if she’s been fired.
  • Finally, Michele Bachmann has been named the dean of the Robertson School of Government at Pat Robertson’s Regent University.