Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Bunch of Wickedness

  • Greg Locke is not a fan of Lil Nas X’s new music video or shoes: “Bunch of Satanism. Bunch of wickedness. Bunch of devilism. Bunch of demonism. Bunch of psychotic wickedness.”
  • Jesse Lee Peterson warns that “that government is now being controlled by a bunch of radical, far-left, evil black men and black women.”
  • One year ago, Kenneth Copeland executed judgment on COVID-19, declaring that “it is over and the United States of America is healed and well again.”
  • Mario Murillo declares that there is a “demonic hedge of protection around [President Joe] Biden and the leftist agenda” and that the “focus of our prayers must shift to a declaration of war against those devils.”
  • Finally, Mike Lindell insists that once he files his forthcoming election fraud lawsuit, “Donald Trump will be back in office in August.”