Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Bullets of Freedom

  • The Family Research Council placed an ad in the Washington Times today supporting President Donald Trump’s use of the military “to stop the ongoing rioting and lawlessness in America’s cities.”
  • Brenden Dilley is not happy with Trump’s newfound support for wearing masks and suspects that the entire thing is an intentional “distraction” on Trump’s part (a distraction from what, Dilley has no idea).
  • Liz Crokin says that COVID-19 was a deep state plot “to distract from the pedophile takedowns.”
  • Josh Bernstein declares that George Soros “should be arrested” and “be taking a long dirt nap immediately,” before adding that Soros deserves to be called a “kike.”
  • Finally, Ron Ewart calls on gun-owning Americans to launch a coup and take over the government: “There is only one remaining and final solution to preserve the Republic: them’s with the guns, en masse, take control of the government institutions, including public schools and colleges, and lay down the law, constitutional law. We call this solution the ‘Bullets of Freedom’ and we offer this solution with a heavy heart.”