Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Brett Kavanaugh Covered Up Vince Foster’s Murder

  • After months of mounting scandals, EPA Administration Scott Pruitt has finally resigned.
  • Liz Crokin sees Pizzagate signals everywhere.
  • Cliff Kincaid warns that Brett Kavanaugh should not be nominated to the Supreme Court because he supposedly played a key role in covering up the murder of Vince Foster.
  • Rick Joyner says that “the way [Antonin] Scalia died was very suspicious” and that “something was really wrong with that picture.”
  • Brigitte Gabriel asserts that “the left is not willing to accept anything less than open borders for all third world countries and all Muslim nations to send their children to America – and we are forced to take care of them.”
  • Right-wing blogger Michael Moates is the latest to get in on the “QAnon” conspiracy theory.
  • Finally, the Family Research Council prays for a Supreme Court justice who will outlaw abortion: “Can we so live while a million or more babies in our land are being slaughtered each year in the sanctuary of their mothers’ wombs, as we see our culture coarsening and violence and mass murder multiplying? You warned us: ‘whatsoever a man [or nation] soweth, that shall he [it] also reap;’ that they that ‘have sown the wind…shall reap the whirlwind.’ God, we have sown the wind, yet you have given us a reprieve and granted us an opportunity to change the course of our nation, an opportunity to return to you. Move upon our president, Lord. Guide him to select the Supreme Court Justice of your choosing, one who will end the bloodshed.”