Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Be Prepared

  • Jim Bakker claims that God told him that failing to reelect President Donald Trump would result in the Antichrist taking over the United States.
  • Glenn Beck, who hated former president Barack Obama so much that he once prohibited anyone on his staff from mentioning his name for an entire year, now complains that the media was too unfair to Trump and never reported anything good that he did.
  • Curt Landry prophesies that God will perform a Hanukkah miracle on Dec. 14 that gives Trump a second term when the Electoral College certifies the election.
  • Brenden Dilley is lifting weights and taking testosterone in preparation for having to fight off “Chinese super soldiers” if Joe Biden becomes president.
  • Finally, in a shameless effort to cash in on the “Stop The Steal” movement before it inevitably fizzles out, the activists behind it are releasing a movie.