Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Bathe in the Blood of Christians

  • North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson stands by his comments calling “transgenderism” and homosexuality “filth” and complains that his critics are trying to intimidate him into silence. Robinson is vowing not to resign but instead to “double down on my efforts against these things.”
  • Bill Mitchell is very upset with Attorney General “Garland Merrick.”
  • TruNews is not buying Michael Flynn’s excuse that the “New Age prayer” he delivered at Hank Kunneman’s conference was a simple Catholic prayer, and TruNews has the evidence to prove it.
  • Sen. James Lankford took a less-than-subtle swipe at MAGA pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, who is challenging him in Oklahoma’s GOP primary, for being “really loud, really caustic, really angry.”
  • Mat Staver calls vaccine mandates “a purge” and says “the White House is the most hostile in history to America and America’s values. It is designed to literally destroy this county.”
  • Finally, Tom Horn says that Black Lives Matter activists are using “Satanic energy in order to overcome the Christian influence” in America, adding that “they literally want to bathe in the blood of Christianity and of believers.”