Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Are You On The Illuminati’s Kill List?

  • John Guandolo’s tour though the Midwest will not be happening because all the hotels involved have cancelled the scheduled events.
  • Lee Duigon fumes that “I was born in a country inhabited by men and women. Now I live in one dominated by freaks.”
  • A look at how Liz Crokin went from being a former White House intern and entertainment reporter to a crackpot conspiracy theorist.
  • For some reason, the right-wing media just loves stories about Tim Tebow hitting home runs, despite the dim prospects of his ever playing major league baseball.
  • Finally, Steve Quayle says that if you are a Christian or a conservative or a gun owner, you are on a list to be killed in the first 30 days when the Illuminati finally unleashes its “planned destruction of all their enemies.”