Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Anderson Cooper Is A Monarch

  • Lance Wallnau says that “CNN should be royally spanked on its royal butt” for the “America-bashing toxicity and stupidity” it is spreading around the world.
  • Jim Garlow declares that the organizers of the World Scout Jamboree “should be sued for child abuse.”
  • Liz Crokin believes that CNN’s Anderson Cooper is “a monarch,” by which she means that he was a victim of “Project Monarch” and was brainwashed as a child.
  • Scott Lively warns that Massachusetts Gov. Charlies Baker, a Republican, is “being groomed by the Clintons” and is “in collusion” with Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for president against Donald Trump in 2020.
  • Finally, Jeremiah Thomas, the 16-year-old son of Operation Save America’s Rusty Thomas, is dying of cancer and both Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Dan Fischer have promised him that they will seek to completely eliminate abortion in Texas and Oklahoma, respectively, in his honor.