Right Wing Bonus Tracks: And So I Do

  • The Family Policy Alliance Foundation and Christians Engaged are merging.
  • Owen Strachan has been tapped to lead the newly formed Dobson Culture Center (as in James Dobson).
  • Jon Miller says that if he had been alive in 1776, he would have sided with England and gladly chosen death over living in “the jewnited states of weimerica.”
  • Jack Hibbs claims that Benjamin Franklin called for Congress to begin every day with prayer. That is, of course, both totally wrong and entirely untrue, as RWW has explained multiple times before.
  • Ryan Helfenbein of Liberty University’s Standing for Freedom Center declares that “God bequeathed this nation to us” and that “the idea that religion and politics do not mix is a lie the Devil came up with to keep Christians from running their own country.”
  • Finally, Sen. Josh Hawley makes it abundantly clear: “Some will say now that I am calling America a Christian Nation. And so I am. And some will say that I am advocating Christian Nationalism. And so I do.”
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