Right Wing Bonus Tracks: An Army of Homophobes

  • Joseph Farah calls for George Soros to be stripped of his American citizenship: “If we’re going to clean things up in America, we should start by giving this guy an unceremonious boot.”
  • Milo Yiannopoulos hopes to one day have a wife with whom he can “raise an army of handsome little homophobes.”
  • Matt Evans (aka “Beardson Beardly”) wrote a song about Dave Rubin and his husband having children in which he repeatedly called Rubin a “f*ggot” who deserves to burn in Hell.
  • Laura Loomer opposes plans to bring Ukrainian refugees to America: “[Biden] will use refugee resettlement and the Ukraine crisis to bring in 100,000 low skilled Middle Eastern migrants from majority Muslim African nations and other uncivilized third world nations.”
  • It turns out that in addition to being a virulent anti-gay bigot, Gillyan Christensen is also a QAnon/Pizzagate conspiracy theorist.
  • Finally, Rachel Hamm insists that former President Donald Trump won all 50 states in the 2020 election. Her proof? A dream she had: “I feel fairly certain that that is what happened and that it’s only fraud that made it look otherwise.”