Right Wing Bonus Tracks: America’s ISIS

  • Lance Wallnau declares that “everyone who seeks to justify political and social mob anarchy is under the influence of the same spirit as Nazi Germany. It is AntiChrist in nature. It is lawlessness. This spirit works with a false prophet. Media is the false prophet.”
  • Mychal Massie proclaims that “Black Lives Matter is a Stalinist domestic terrorist group comprised of bigots, racists, anarchists and terrorists with three things in common: 1) They all hate America; 2) they’re funded by taxpayer money and Soros money; and 3) they’re all going to hell when they die, if they do not confess their sins, repent and turn from them, and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.”
  • Cliff Kincaid is promoting the work of white supremacist Jared Taylor: “Jared Taylor, author of the book, ‘White Identity,’ dares to talk about whites as people with special interests of their own, separate from various minority groups, and his website, American Renaissance, is already welcoming new interest and readers in the wake of the black riots.”
  • Bill Mitchell says that he has to agree with those who have called antifa “America’s ISIS.”
  • Andrew Wommack says that the evangelical movement was started by Southern pastors in response to being unable to preach in defense of slavery after losing the Civil War.
  • Finally, even though Jesus explicitly condemns divorce for any reason other than “sexual immorality” in the Bible, Pat Robertson thinks the church should probably loosen those regulations to “make them more compatible with the world we live in.”