Right Wing Bonus Tracks: America Doesn’t Have Any People That We Can Waste

  • Ben Carson says that America must end its homelessness problem because, unlike India and China, we don’t have any people to waste: “We need to realize in our nation, we only have 330 million people. And we have to compete with India and China, who have four times that many people, which means we need to develop all of our people, we don’t have any people that we can waste.”
  • Lance Wallnau says that the BBC and CNN are “the broadcasting stations of the spirit of Leviathan and mind control.”
  • Mike Cernovich elaborates what his imaginary run for Congress would look like, which includes a “Big Brother style campaign house” and loads of live video: “No secret meetings with donors. Every meeting is stream lived. There’s nothing we need to discuss in “private” during a campaign … We would live stream 24/7 from the House, and people could ask questions and watch us discuss strategy live.”
  • Gordon Klingenschmitt says that now that President Trump “is a new Christian, we need to hold him to a higher standard.”
  • The former Twitter account associated with Turning Point USA’s Kent State chapter, which disbanded yesterday, citing a lack of support while the club was being publicly ridiculed after a protest involving a diaper-clad lad, has been suspended from Twitter after a post that said TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk “should’ve been the one in the diaper.”
  • Finally, Dave Daubenmire says that there is “something deeply, deeply, deeply evil going on” in the Obamas’ official portraits, which is to be expected because “Barack Obama is demonically charged.”