Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Alex Jones Was Right About The Gay Frogs

  • Sean Spicer claims that he never knowingly lied to the American people while serving as President Trump’s press secretary, which is a lie.
  • Marisa Martin complains that “it is virtually impossible to avoid drowning in homosexuality if you venture into most art institutions.”
  • Roy Moore has secured ALIPAC’s endorsement after filling out their candidate survey.
  • David Barton is currently in Poland, where he reports that he is working to help the government reform its judiciary.
  • FRC prays: “Lord, you see the growing anti-Christian rhetoric not just by extremist political activists, but by elected politicians and by agencies of state and local governments. You see the oppression against faithful believers. Intervene, Lord, to protect your people. Stir your people to stand up to their oppressors and proclaim the truth of our religious liberty, protected by the First Amendment! May your people wrestle principalities and powers, using the tools and gifts with which you have equipped them. May they never compromise their faith, whatever the cost. Correct Lord, those who have crossed the line, violated their Constitutional oaths, and persecuted your people. Raise up faithful men and women to run for and hold public office.”
  • Ryan Mauro complains that “every girl is the no-go zone” for him since being identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an Islamaphobe.
  • Finally, Alex Jones declares that science has proven that “the majority of the frogs in most areas of the United States are now gay.”