Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Alex Jones Is MLK

  • Right-wing commentator Wayne Allyn Root blames Barack Obama for the fact that he lost nearly $10 million: “I was worth just under $10 million. By the time Obama left office, I was worth close to zero.”
  • Barbwire’s Don Boys asserts that “now that Blacks are in total control of a failing nation [South Africa], the injustice by Blacks against white farmers is far worse than Whites against Blacks during apartheid.”
  • Self-proclaimed “weather warrior” Kat Kerr is taking credit for the fact that Hurricane Florence has been downgraded to a Category 2 hurricane.
  • For some reason, Yahoo News posted an entirely uncritical profile of right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson that did not make any mention of his radical views or long history of saying bigoted and outrageous things.
  • Finally, right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones says that unlike the alt-right, which is “basically Nazi-lite,” he is Martin Luther King, Jr.