Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Accountable for High Treason

  • Glenn Beck is urging police to go on strike.
  • Dan Gainor says that “the most leftist, anti-American people in the country are being hired as journalists.”
  • Right-wing pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, who is campaigning to unseat Sen. James Lankford in Oklahoma’s GOP primary, told a conference full of QAnon conspiracy theorists and COVID deniers that, if elected, he’ll hold those who supposedly stole the 2020 election from former President Donald Trump “accountable for crimes of high treason.”
  • Robert Jeffress believes that Jerry Falwell Jr. was targeted by Satan: “In his crosshairs would be every Christian, but certainly those who have a public ministry and are well known by others. We’re all joined together with other Christians, and when one Christian falls, it really does hurt the entire witness of Christ.”
  • Finally, objectively terrible person Brenden Dilley declares that “LeBron James is an abysmal human being.”