Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Abused Insurrectionists

  • Dave Daubenmire learns from a Civil War reenactor that the Confederate flag “had nothing to do with slavery” but “everything to do with righteous government and the right of free men to govern themselves.” We have to assume that his Civil War reenactor was on the losing side with his complaint that “the winners write the history.”
  • “Prophet” Lance Wallnau says that when Trump was “robbed” of his reelection, the “masks came off” people seeking the “deconstruction of the world as we know it” through COVID-19-related public health restrictions, which in Wallnau’s telling, clearly indicate an “End Times scenario.”
  • Judicial Watch celebrates 500,000 followers on Parler in the ​way we’ve come to expect—with a ​photo ​of ​its president​, Tom Fitton​, posed to celebrate his buffness.
  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks we’ve got it all wrong: “The people who breached the Capitol on Jan. 6 are being abused.”
  • Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman had a rough day in court, facing quite the talking to from the Michigan Attorney General​’s office​ for the duo’s robocalls ​that were chock full of disinformation that were designed to dissuade voters in majority Black neighborhoods from voting​. ​