Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Wholly Owned Satanic Subsidiary

  • A bunch of Christian nationalists gathered for “The Renewal” event Saturday. They kicked things off by giving an award to election conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell, who claimed that her top priorities are “God and the truth.”
  • Mark Levin declares that “the greatest problem we have in this country is the Democrat Party. Whether it’s slavery, or segregation, or Jim Crow, or now it’s ‘democratic socialism,’ they never embrace Americanism. This party has been a poison, a cancer on the groin of American politics.”
  • Mike Spaulding proclaims that “the Democrat Party is a wholly owned Satanic subsidiary of the Luciferian Globalists.”
  • The Catholic League gripes that “hating whitey is chic.”
  • Ann Vandersteel appears to be branching out into the sovereign citizen movement.
  • Finally, Greg Locke is now turning against former President Donald Trump over the issue of vaccines, ripping Trump’s “arrogance” and declaring that if he doesn’t stop supporting “this vaccine nonsense, he is going to lose his voter base in the next coming election.”