Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Very Coordinated Plan

  • Joseph Farah says that there is something “seriously wrong with Joe Biden” and that Vice President Kamala Harris is “not qualified to be president either” because she is “a fundamentally unserious person.”
  • Brenden Dilley excitedly declares that President Donald Trump is losing weight and “getting absolutely jacked.”
  • Larry Tomczak warns that the Equality Act “is an insidious scheme that would destroy the values and principles upon which America was founded and prospered for more than 400 years.”
  • Mike Lindell declares that his forthcoming social media platform will be the “biggest platform, holding the most people ever,” as well as “the safest, most secure” platform in existence.
  • Finally, Lindell also reveals that he has “a very coordinated plan” to get Trump back in the White House by August that involves posting reams of evidence of election fraud on his new social media platform over the next five weeks.