Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A True Prophet

  • Mario Murillo says that refusing to support President Donald Trump because of his personality is the “stupidest excuse I’ve ever heard” because “the man has actually become sweet.”
  • Josh Bernstein does not have high hopes for the report from U.S. Attorney John Durham into how intelligence agencies investigated Russian interference during the 2016 election. While many on the right are convinced that the results of Durham’s investigation will result in former President Barack Obama and other high-level officials going to prison, Bernstein does not share their optimism: “Is John Durham part of the coup or the cover-up? Or even worse, is he an anti-Trump deep-stater that hates President Trump?”
  • Chris McDonald declares that former President Bill Clinton “deserves to be in prison about 50 times freaking over for raping and sexually assaulting every woman in America just about.”
  • Lance Wallnau says that he prophesied that Sen. Kamala Harris would be president and worried that he was “a false prophet” when she dropped out during the Democratic primary election. But now that she is serving as Joe Biden’s running mate, Wallnau realizes “what a true prophet I am.”
  • Finally, Sid Roth asserts that “if there is one position on the heart of God at this moment, it’s the sin of murdering the innocents. Why do you think there is a vacancy [on the Supreme Court] right now?” He continue, adding that God “wanted [Ruth Bader] Ginsburg in the worst way to turn to him, but in his mercy, he doesn’t want to see another baby murdered in the womb.”