Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Survivor

  • Jeanine Pirro was scheduled to appear at a Christian nationalist “FlashPoint” event this week, but Fox News has reportedly prohibited her from doing so. So now, FlashPoint is accusing Fox of engaging in “cancel culture.”
  • Andrew Torba says that letting women vote “destroyed the country”: “Democracy is when mentally ill liberal women elect other mentally ill liberal women to rule over sane and normal conservative families.
  • Pete Hegseth recently revealed to a group of right-wing pastors at a TPUSA conference that he is a survivor: “A survivor of a progressive, godless education that I didn’t even know I received.”
  • David and Tim Barton assert that the First Amendment’s freedom of religion provision only applies to those who “worship the God of the Bible.”
  • Finally, Jon Miller fumes that the “global pandemic of acceptance and multiculturalism, opening up the floodgates to migrants, globohomo—whatever you want to call it— wouldn’t have even happened if our founders hadn’t given the great Jewish people a breeding ground to carry out their wildest, pernicious globalist fantasies on the world stage.”