Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Sick And Evil Pathology

  • The Benham brothers warn that “today in America, radical sexual revolutionaries are meeting nothing but mush as they continue to push through their indulgent sexual agenda on our kids, indoctrinating the minds of the most innocent among us.”
  • MRC’s Jay Maxson is outraged by the “Body Issue” of the ESPN magazine: “I encourage all parents with children in the home to adjust their computer filters by adding ESPN.com and espn.com/espnw/ to their blocked lists to protect them from this. ESPN postures itself as culturally enlightening, but the truth is this morally bankrupt media organization is contaminating our culture and taking it downward.”
  • Operation Save America declares that “abortion is not a healthcare issue that can be resolved by a legal technicality. It is a crime that must be penalized by law. God demands justice in order to cleanse the state of Kentucky from blood guiltiness. We call upon Gov. Bevin, the legislators, sheriffs, and the police departments in Kentucky to be strong and of a good courage. Kentucky stands on the threshold of becoming the first abortion free-state in America. We plead with the good citizens of Kentucky to rise up, ignore Roe, establish justice, and outlaw all abortions from chemical to surgical in Jesus’ mighty name!”
  • Rep. Mo Brooks is promising that, if elected to the Senate, he’ll lead a Bible-reading filibuster until President Trump’s border wall is funded.
  • Finally, Rabbi Daniel Lapin boldly proclaims that “the doctrines of the Democratic Party today are not the doctrines of a political philosophy. They are the doctrines of a sick and evil pathology.”