Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Right and a Duty

  • Brenden Dilley declares that when President Donald Trump wins the election, he needs to immediately invoke the Insurrection Act and start rounding up members of the press and his political enemies for prosecution.
  • Al Perrotta proclaims that “Joe Biden was a co-conspirator in the effort to sabotage the duly elected President of the United States. Therefore, if he is allowed to be elected and take office, it means the seditious operation to overthrow Donald Trump was successful.”
  • Madison Cawthorn’s response to being elected to Congress perfectly sums up the primary motivating principle that guides the GOP today: “Cry more, lib.”
  • Lance Wallnau delivered an impressively incoherent bit of analysis while trying to fill airtime during his election night broadcast.
  • Finally, Glenn Beck floats the possibility that people have a “right” and a “duty” to take up arms and overthrow the government to prevent Democrats from stealing the election and destroying the Constitution.