Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Real Dump

  • President Trump reportedly believes that the White House is “a real dump.”
  • Why listen to the “lamestream media” when you can now get “Real News” directly from Trump’s daughter-in-law via his Facebook page?
  • Tony Perkins says that “to suggest that judges shouldn’t have any personal convictions is, ironically, its own brand of intolerance.” We’ll keep that quote handy for the next time FRC opposes judicial nominees made by a Democratic president.
  • Frank Gaffney says that “the president has lately been reprising his most famous role on ‘The Apprentice.’  If Mr. Tillerson is actually sabotaging Trump policies, he should be told, ‘You’re fired.'”
  • Finally, you can always count on Gordon Klingenschmitt to frame a story about a transgender child in a rational and responsible way: “Lesbians chemically castrate 11-year old boy they adopted.”