Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A President and a Prophet

  • House Republican leaders have denounced Georgia GOP candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene, not because she has voiced support for the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory, but because Politico reported that she had made racist, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic remarks in a series of Facebook videos.
  • Richard Land says that Confederate monuments should be removed and military bases bearing the names of Confederate generals should be renamed.
  • Ben Shapiro thinks that high school students who call out their peers’ racism on social media are not being a “decent” human beings. Instead, Shapiro suggests that these students correct racism privately.
  • Mark Taylor declares that President Donald Trump is a prophet.
  • Liberty Hangout, an outlet that bills itself as the “official home of Kaitlin Bennett,” reacts to Pete and Chasten Buttigieg celebrating their wedding anniversary: “This is not love. This is sin.”
  • Randall Terry warns that “if Joe Biden wins the presidency, it will be a disaster for the babies, not to mention the whole country. I don’t know if we could recover from a Biden presidency, for many reasons, starting with the judgment of God against America because we elected a man to the Presidency who has betrayed his Catholic faith, vowed to continue child killing, and PROMISED that our tax dollars would pay for people to kill their children by abortion.”
  • Finally, Ann Coulter, of all people, tells Breitbart News radio listeners that the Republican Party has “always been the party of giving black Americans their rights and treating them as they deserve to be as our fellow American citizens.” Coulter is a friend of white nationalists.