Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Pathological Liar of the Highest Order

  • Everett Piper says that nobody can vote for Joe Biden because “Biden is a proven, habitual, unrepentant fraud and a pathological liar of the highest order. … Joe Biden’s behavior is not that of a goodly grandfather with a fading memory or that of a favorite uncle who spins a great yarn. No. Such shameless deceit is not the behavior of a decent man, but rather that of a devil, and God help us all if he becomes our president.”
  • Jim Garlow claims that President Donald Trump is a man of good character: “What they do not understand is the depth of vile, vengeful and deceitful disdain that the Democratic/media/academic/Hollywood cabal (with some business and sports figures piling on as well) have for Trump. It is wicked. I am stunned he survives it every single day. Let’s be honest, you and I do not face what he does daily. We need a fighter. We have one. We need a disrupter. We have one. We need a wrecking ball. We have one. Mother Teresa is wonderful, but we do not need someone like her for our president right now. We desperately need a Churchill. We have one.”
  • David Barton asserts that Christians must always vote against LGBTQ issues because the Ten Commandments says “thou shall not commit adultery.” Huh?
  • Josh Bernstein reports that in addition to all of his other problems, he has been banned from serving as a fill-in host on Next News Network.
  • Finally, Bill Mitchell declares that “the Democrat Party has become satanic. … I do believe that the leadership of the Democrat Party worships and serves Satan as their Lord.”