Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Net Positive

  • Laura Loomer declares that “the world will be a much better place when I’m no longer banned [from Twitter]. My Twitter was one of the most entertaining and politically informative accounts in the history of Twitter, along with the protests that ensued in the months shortly after the ban. Let’s be honest. The people have been robbed for the last 4 years.”
  • Eddie Hyatt says that “the Democrat Party, without opposition from within, has chosen to reject the role of faith and Christian morality in the life of the nation.”
  • Kent Christmas announces that God is going to station angels in every voting precinct: “I make a commitment to you, says the Lord, that I will not let the evil steal your midterm elections.”
  • Shane Vaughn rages against those who dare to stand against “Trump and the Trump harvest.”
  • Finally, Vincent James thinks that the Holocaust was overall “a net positive for Jewish people.”