Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A National Treasure

  • Frank Pavone asserts that “not only can Catholics not vote for [Joe] Biden in good conscience, but they can’t vote for Democrats, period. And neither can anyone else.”
  • Curt Landry says “the liberals, the progressives, and most of the Democratic Party hates the church, that’s why it’s the most important time to get out and vote biblical principles.”
  • Stephen Strang declares that “Diamond and Silk are two of the greatest role models in the Black community today.”
  • Todd Starnes asserts that Michelle Obama “has a raging case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.”
  • Tim Graham says “Michelle Obama is America’s most pampered princess, the most spoiled figure in our modern political history.”
  • Finally, James Dobson is smitten with Charlie Kirk: “Charlie, you are a national treasure. What you say sets my soul on fire. I’ve never heard such wisdom coming from a millennial who draws what he believes from scripture quite like you do.”