Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A March For Eternal Life

  • Rep. Louie Gohmert has introduced a resolution that would would declare March 31, which is Cesar Chavez’s birthday, to be “National Border Control Day.”
  • Lance Wallnau loves Gohmert: “If I ever run for Congress it will be in this guys [sic] district – after he retires. He talks like I would if I was a politician.”
  • Pastor Robert Jeffress is organizing a “March for Eternal Life” through the streets of Dallas on Palm Sunday: “For the last 60 years, secularists have been on a crusade to eliminate any acknowledgment of God from the public square, and the result has been disastrous for our country … It is time for this public shaming of Christians to end, and this Sunday night’s march — which marks the beginning of the Christian Holy Week — is an opportunity for believers to publicly celebrate the message of Christ.”
  • Liberty Counsel is encouraging its followers not to buy Girl Scout cookies because Girl Scouts USA “promotes abortion and sexual promiscuity to innocent girls.”
  • Finally, Jack Cashill complains that the media is spending too much time covering the Stormy Daniels story and ignoring Larry Sinclair’s assertions that he had a gay encounter with Barack Obama.