Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘A Legitimate, High IQ Genius’

  • “The Jim Bakker Show” doesn’t look like it intends to comply with the cease and desist order it received to stop making misleading claims that the silver solution it sells will keep people safe from the coronavirus.
  • Liz Crokin says that “the Democratic Party is nothing but an extension of the Third Reich.”
  • TruNews is willing to tackle the tough issues: “Did Israeli Lobbyists Infect U.S. Congress With Coronavirus?”
  • Ben Shapiro insists that making fun of Sen. Elizabeth Warren for incorrectly claiming that she was native American is not racist.
  • Michael Knowles says that President Donald Trump cares more about fanning “bitter, bitter rancor” within the Democratic Party during the primary elections than about who becomes the nominee because he thinks that doing so will lower voter turnout for his eventual opponent.
  • Finally, Brenden Dilley proclaims that Trump is “a legitimate, high IQ genius” whose performance as president is at a level this country has never before seen: “This is prime Michael Jordan, this is prime Tom Brady, this is prime Joe Montana, this is prime [Wayne] Gretzky.”