Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Judeo-Christian Revolution

  • Complaining that U.S athletes are “promoting Marxism,” Lance Wallnau is glad to see U.S. teams losing at the Olympics: “Everywhere they’re bowing the knee to Baal, they’re performing badly in their athletics.”
  • Donna Rigney declares that God told her that in addition to former President Donald Trump being reinstated to the White House, countless other candidates who lost their races in 2020 will be sworn into office once all the alleged voter fraud is exposed.
  • Nathan French proclaims that those who are “hearing God” know that Trump won the election and that “in the heavens, in the spirit realm, he’s actually still considered the president.”
  • Rep. Elise Stefanik praises Medicare and Medicaid while simultaneously railing against “Socialist healthcare schemes.”
  • Finally, Josh Mandel says the U.S. needs “a Judeo-Christian revolution”: “We should be instilling God in the classroom, instilling God in the workplace, and in all aspects of society.”