Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Joint Antifa-ISIS Operation

  • John Guandolo has a question: “What if the Las Vegas attack was a joint Antifa-ISIS operation.”
  • Sheila Zilinsky seems like a reasonable person.
  • Jerry Boykin wants West Point graduate Spenser Rapone court-martialed and imprisoned.
  • The Family Research Council laments the resignation of Tom Price: “Losing one of the most pro-family members of Trump’s cabinet was a huge blow to the movement, which was looking forward to rolling back eight years of anti-life, anti-freedom, health ‘care.'”
  • David Barton says the First Amendment does not protect the right to burn the flag: “Free speech says you can burn the flag, [but] actually burning the flag? That’s not free speech; that’s behavior and we’ve always regulated behavior.”
  • Finally, Gordon Klingenschmitt shares his thoughts on what caused the mass shooting in Las Vegas: “There is a spiritual war, and the demons inside of [Stephen] Paddock clearly hated the American patriots who sang ‘God Bless America’ so much that he wanted them dead.”