Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Jacobin Revolution

  • Stephen Strang says that Christians must support President Donald Trump because he “has probably been one of the staunchest defenders of religious liberties and freedoms we have seen. He also makes it no secret that he has an evangelical council that meets with him periodically, ministers to him, advises him, and at times even lays hands on and prays over him.”
  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared on James Dobson’s radio program yesterday.
  • Lance Wallnau was in the audience for Trump’s event on race and policing in Dallas yesterday.
  • Rick Wiles warns that a “Jacobin revolution is brewing” in America and will result in Christians being beheaded in the streets.
  • E.W. Jackson declares that Christians must pull down the demonic strongholds of socialism, communism, and fascism and “break the power of this wokeness.”
  • Finally, Robert Jeffress says that when the left takes control of government, it’ll unleash a fierce persecution of the church, which will actually be a good thing because it will drive away “all those wishy-washy Christians.”