Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Good Old-Fashioned Revolution

  • Rick Wiles says that “what we need in this country is a good old-fashioned American revolution to break the back of the Zionists” and “return America to Christ.”
  • Janet Porter, the “mastermind” behind the wave of radically anti-choice “heartbeat bills” that ban abortion after six weeks, celebrates the law that has gone into effect in Texas and promises there are more to come.
  • Joshua Feuerstein declares that the withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan has “completed [a] prophetic act ushering in [the] Battle of Armageddon.”
  • Chris Reed reports that the civil war prophesied by Rick Joyner has already begun.
  • Finally, while we’ve given a lot of coverage to the outlandish claims promoted by QAnon conspiracy theorists, those people have nothing on the wild scenarios peddled by End Times “experts” like Tom Horn.