Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Duty to Legislate and Tame

  • Ali Alexander says that “living under Christian rule and norms, otherwise known as Christendom, is more useful than Capitalism”: “We have a duty to legislate and tame.”
  • Nick Fuentes declares that “one [white] woman going to college is worse than the Holocaust, when you think about it.”
  • Robin Bullock prophesies that soon the glory of God “will invade the halls of Congress” and “demon-possessed congressmen are going to manifest right there in front of everybody.”
  • Isabella Riley Moody, recently named one of the Log Cabin Republicans’ 2023 “Outspoken Ambassadors” admits that “fa**ot is a word that I literally can’t not say. It’s in my everyday vocabulary.”
  • Finally, Pastor Leon Benjamin, the Republican nominee in Virginia’s upcoming special election, proclaims that he is running for Congress because Democrats have been hypnotized by witchcraft while he is all about “bringing a nation back to God.”