Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Burning Service

  • Greg Locke will be holding a “burning service” Wednesday night, where he and his congregation will burn Harry Potter books, tarot cards, Ouija boards, and other “demonic” items.
  • Milo Yiannopoulos brags that he “ruined feminism for two generations of Americans, single-handedly banished the ‘wage gap’ and ‘campus rape culture’ from public discussion by ridiculing them out of existence, and put a president in office.”
  • Ali Alexander declares that “gerrymandering is not real and it’s totally legal if it is real. Suck it!”
  • In a rant bordering on self-parody, Shane Vaughn longs for the days when “it was a shame to be a lesbian. You wouldn’t have even shown your face. Rightly so.”
  • David Kupelian warns that “since today’s super-radicalized Democratic Party is continually accusing conservatives both in and out of government of carrying out an ‘insurrection’ against America’s constitutional system of government, you can be sure – as we will soon see – that insurrection is exactly what they themselves are maniacally pursuing.”
  • Finally, Sherri Tenpenny said that all the “experts” who spoke at Sen. Ron Johnson’s COVID-19 panel last week are close colleagues with whom she regularly shares information. She then asserted that COVID-19 vaccines are a plot to turn us into “transhumanoids” via quantum entanglement.