Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Biblical Worldview

  • Lance Wallnau was having technical problems Wednesday night while trying to do a livestream on Facebook, and he’s convinced that Facebook is intentionally disrupting his ability to broadcast.
  • Eric Metaxas says the “classical Greeks” were promoting a biblical worldview, even though the Bible didn’t exist at that time.
  • Vincent James and Steve Franssen have begun co-hosting a new “White Boy Wednesday” livestream. The inaugural program was so successful that they are thinking of renaming it “WANGHAF Wednesday.”
  • Gavin McInnes doesn’t know “what Rosa Parks was bitching about. The back of the bus is where all the cool kids sit.”
  • Finally, all Tim Gionet (aka “Baked Alaska”) ever wanted was to get his Twitter account back. It was recently restored, but then he got a 12-hour suspension for tweeting about Jews. So, naturally, he did a freestyle rap about it.