Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 8/5/16

  • The ABA Journal reports that “a federal judge in Alabama has dismissed a lawsuit by suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore that sought reinstatement to his judicial office.”
  • If Moore is removed from office, he could always run for governor on Alabama, as a new survey reportedly found that “Moore’s sky-high name recognition makes him the GOP’s current top choice for governor in 2018.”
  • Mark Landsbaum is convinced that was Donald Trump was “urged by Democrats to run as a Republican expressly to sabotage the GOP.”
  • Speaking of Trump, if you make a recurring donation to his campaign, you had better be ready to continue making them forever as his campaign website doesn’t offer any way to cancel them.
  • Finally, Julie Roys declares that “if we truly care about the next generation of women, we should oppose Hillary Clinton, not support her. A Hillary presidency will not help our daughters; her example will poison their view of womanhood and lead them to a bleaker, not brighter, tomorrow.”

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