Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 8/4/16

  • Dinesh D’Souza has a brilliant idea: “The Republican Party and [Donald] Trump should ‘put a “Hillary’s America” DVD into the mailboxes of African-Americans, Hispanics and swing voters’ before Election Day.”
  • Jake MacAulay insists that “we definitely need to understand that when our founders referred to religion they were referring to the blessed religion of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
  • Mark Creech has some thoughts on transgender rights in schools: “The forces behind this are spiritually dark. We cannot replace God’s order with our own subjective reality. We do a gross injustice to our children if we teach them that they can. If we continue to fancy this nonsense, it is not hyperbole to say the collective carnage on every human level – emotionally – mentally – physically – spiritually – will be atomic in the years to follow.”
  • Peter LaBarbera is outraged that Vice President Biden officiated a “counterfeit” gay marriage ceremony.
  • Finally, Jesse Lee Peterson is absolutely disgusted that Malia Obama was flashing her “hoochie mama underwears” for the whole world to see!