Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 8/1/16

  • Tom DeLay says that “God is at the core of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and the Constitution is at the core of our government; thus, we need a God-centered revolution for the Constitution, resulting in a rebirth of our culture.”
  • Will Mike Huckabee run for governor in Florida in 2018?
  • The American Family Association has become the latest Religious Right group to drop its support for the First Amendment Defense Act because it no longer gives Christians exclusive rights to discriminate against gays.
  • Anti-gay activists are predictably outraged by the decision to name a Navy ship after Harvey Milk.
  • Finally, Bryan Fischer says that Christians must “accept the reality that the conscience of other believers may lead them to a different place than the one we’ve reached. We must respect their conscience and their choice, and refuse either to ‘despise’ them or ‘pass judgment’ on them” when it come to whether or not they can vote for Donald Trump.