Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 7/7/14

  • Joe Biden is “the Vice

    President of Gomorrah.”

  • Alveda King says that “while we were marching in the sixties, a place was being prepared for us at Planned Parenthood.

    We were trying to get off the back of the bus, and they were going to have a space for us in the front of the abortion


  • James Dobson’s Family Talk “is excited to officially announce the creation of a partnership with the American Association of

    Christian Counselors.”

  • Religious Right groups are not happy that the Freedom From Religion Foundation was allowed to run an ad decrying the Hobby

    Lobby ruling in the New York Times.

  • Finally, Robert Oscar Lopez rails against allowing same-sex couples to adopt

    children: “Same-sex parenting is an abusive practice whereby two gay adults contrive to deprive a helpless child

    of the love and support of a mother or father.”