Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 7/28/15

  • ALIPAC’s William Gheen won’t “eat at McDonald’s anymore because I know how many illegal

    immigrants they are hiring” and there is “a big problem with illegal immigrants relieving themselves all over the


  • Mat Staver says that “America needs to invite God back into the public schools.”
  • Eunie Smith of the Eagle Forum of Alabama says that Alabama must

    never accept the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling because “the preservation of our constitutional Republic rests upon

    state officials who will refuse to allow five lawyers (two of whom should have recused themselves due to prejudicial behavior) to

    rob us of our free, representative form of government.”

  • The American Family Association urges parents to pull their sons

    out of the Boy Scouts now that the organization has dropped its ban on gay scout leaders.

  • Finally,

    Bryan Fischer’s understanding of the First Amendment grows more incoherent by the day, as now he insists

    that “Congress” means “the entire federal government.”