Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 7/1/14

  • Gary Bauer is turning against Rand Paul.
  • FRC responds to the Hobby Lobby

    decision exactly as one would expect: “President Obama’s team insisted that the ‘right’ to sex-on-demand

    trumps Americans’ First Freedom, a privilege millions of men and women have died to protect.”

  • In arguing that Christians cannot be gay-affirming, Michael Brown explains that “God did intend to legislate slavery in

    ancient Israel, but in a humane way and as part of a larger economic system.

  • On a similar note, if

    you are a Christian who thinks that homosexuality is okay, you apparently also have

    to think that incest, adultery, child sacrifice, and bestiality are okay as well.

  • Ron Hart

    comes to Dinesh D’Souza’s defense despite obviously having no understanding of what D’Souza actually did or the

    fact that he admitted his guilt.

  • Finally, Laurie Higgins declares

    that “no arm of the government has any right to promote non-facts about homosexual activity or gender