Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 6/9/17

  • The Faith and Freedom Coalition says that it was an inadvertent mistake when Sen. Ted Cruz was cut off while speaking at the “Road To Majority” conference yesterday.
  • Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch insists that it is necessary that the Department of Justice “re-evaluates, re-opens, and reinvigorates any of these Clinton Inc. or Clinton email or Clinton classified mishandling investigations.”
  • Scott Lively announces that he is “voluntarily returning to the lions den” in an effort to get a court ruling condemning his “crackpot bigotry” stricken of such language.
  • Bill Donohue is not a fan of Netflix’s “F Is For Family.”
  • Finally, Dave Daubenmire insists that the Founding Fathers made the First Amendment “number one … because it is the most important.” That is entirely untrue.