Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 6/5/17

  • Scott Lively is not a fan of Pride Month: “The LGBT movement was birthed in depravity and violence and has never changed. Behind the facade of ubiquitous pro-LGBT propaganda in the media and academia is a community of deeply troubled people, rife with drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, self-destructive behaviors, ‘hate crime’ hoaxes, Machiavellian political manipulations at every level, pathological self-centeredness and seething hatred for anyone who dares oppose the ‘gay’ agenda.”
  • Robert Oscar Lopez asserts that “the notion that a large percentage of runaway teens is [homosexual] has little merit, when we consider that people cannot definitively identify their sexuality until their late teens, by which time they can be emancipated minors or are already old enough to live on their own.”
  • It turns out that it is actually possible to be too racist for Breitbart.
  • Bryan Fischer declares “thank God for Donald Trump.”
  • Finally, Lance Wallnau says that, during the Civil War, the South “had a same spirit as Kathy Griffin.”