Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 6/12/17

  • Meet Dan Scavino, President Trump’s “alter ego, mini-me, and id on Twitter.”
  • Jesse Lee Peterson says that “blacks don’t care about the so-called ‘N-word.’ They care about manipulating whites with false guilt, fear and sympathy.”
  • David Kupelian insists that “the left is angry and delusional by nature. Its perpetual victim mentality – refusing to look within, always self-righteously blaming others – as well as its religious adherence to a utopian impulse that denies human nature and basic reality, becomes a magnet for delusion.”
  • Having been fired by the Heritage Foundation, Jim DeMint will now “serve as a senior adviser to the Convention of the States Project.”
  • Finally, Julio Severo has a message: “As a Brazilian conservative evangelical, I ask U.S. evangelicals to press the Trump administration to abandon Obama’s homosexual imperialism in the State Department and honor his commitment to his evangelical constituents, who were instrumental for his victory. The Trump administration should defend family against predatory homosexuality, which is a special threat to children.”