Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 5/3/17

  • Apologia Church is launching an “End Abortion Now” campaign: “This week hundreds of pastors from across the country will meet in Scottsdale, AZ to organize a plan to criminalize abortion in their states and begin ministries to end abortion at their local clinics.”
  • Jason Jones and John Zmirak declare that “one of our nation’s two political parties is now completely dedicated to a fundamental evil. Abortion is even worse than segregation. (Democrats defended that for 100 years). It’s on the level of slavery.”
  • Right-wing pastor Jim Garlow is shocked by how many times he has been invited to the White House under President Trump.
  • Linda Harvey says “the new progressive rage reflects the rise of everyday evil in America. Resistance against the Lord and His brethren has never been so pervasive in our nation …They often behave as people whose hearts and souls have been given over to a dark lord, even when they don’t consciously understand this. The hysteria we are seeing has its roots in demonic, spiritual evil.
  • Finally, Dave Daubenmire complains that Right Wing Watch is “trying to make us look nuts” by reporting on and posting videos of the things that he says.