Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 5/31/17

    • The Media Research Center is launching an effort to target companies that advertise on “leftist shows” on CNN and MSNBC that “spread vicious lies and hate.”
    • Right-wing activists are outraged about the next release in the “Far Cry” video game series.
    • Josh Bernstein accuses us of lying about his call to eradicate all Muslims, insisting that he was only talking about terrorists, despite the fact that he specifically included “peaceful Muslims” in his comments.
    • Liberty Counsel’s Roger Gannam blasts pastor Joel Hunter for hosting an event called “Elevating the Dialogue on LGBTQ Inclusion and Understanding of the Church”: “For a church to invite into its walls an organization led by a man who espouses basically heresy – something that is not biblical at all – it’s very disappointing and it’s very alarming.”
    • Finally, Erik Rush apparently wants Kathy Griffin deported, despite the fact that she was born in Illinois: