Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 5/15/17

  • Jerry Falwell Jr. says that President Trump delivered the “best commencement speech Liberty [University] has ever had.”
  • David Barton doesn’t understand why Democrats are supporting the removal of Confederate monuments: “I hope they tell the folks in New Orleans that all of these monuments honor Democrats, and that the Confederacy was led solely by Southern leaders of the Democrat Party. In a Democrat city like New Orleans, I can’t understand why Democrat leaders want old venerated Democrat heroes taken down!”
  • Chuck Norris wants it known that he’s willing to serve as director of the FBI if Trump were to ask.
  • Arthur Schaper of California Mass Resistance warns that “the gay agenda has never been about assuring equality for all. It’s about imposing a destructive agenda on our culture and our society, and is determined to undermine Judeo-Christian values and the United States as a whole. It is anti-family, anti-life, and anti-biology.”
  • Finally, Larry Klayman says that James Comey “should be indicted, convicted and thrown in the slammer.”