Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 5/10/17

  • Kellyanne Conway will speak at the “Family Leadership Summit” in Iowa in July, an event organized by the Religious Right group The Family Leader.
  • MassResistance declares that “when pro-family people fight back hard and tell the truth fearlessly, they can derail the well-funded LGBT legislative agenda.”
  • George W. Draper says that LGBTQ employees “are a security risk, not only due to possible mental confusion and instability and incompatible allegiance, but also as a result of these employees being targets for blackmail.”
  • Josh Hetzler of the Family Foundation of Virginia says that efforts by schools to protect the rights of transgender students shows that conservative Christians have “got to elect people who have the right values and who have the courage to uphold them when it’s difficult, because it’s a lot of pressure.”
  • Finally, Samuel Rodriguez says that he is working with the White House on crafting an immigration reform plan that will be able to win the support of members of the hard-right Freedom Congress in the House.